The 2021 Gisborne A&P Show has been cancelled!

The heart breaking decision has been made!

Under the current covid restrictions of level 2 and the next announcement being the 4th October the A & P Association Executive have met and discussed at length a decision about the annual event going ahead in 3 weeks. The committee last week agreed to wait for 20th September announcement before making this decision for our community. Unfortunately, due to the majority of NZ remaining in level 2 for another 2 weeks we have been forced to cancel the 2021 A & P Show planned for October 15 & 16.

The first A & P Show was in 1875 and ran consecutively until 1885, the next show was in 1891, and shows have been held every year since. Knowing these facts made our decision even harder however this became out of our control.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and look forward to a successful 2022 A & P Show.

Please be mindful that this was a very hard decision to make and the committee and staff involved will be working their hardest to sort out all the details that follow this heart breaking announcement.

Until the 142st Annual Poverty Bay A&P Show!


The A&P show will be packed with all the attractions and entertainment for which it is renowned throughout New Zealand – equestrian showing, dressage, carriage (North Island championships) and jumping classes, speed shearing, shearing and wool classing, chopping, fencing, dog trialing, dancing , debating , cooking, fleeces, goats and sheep competitions, the popular Farmyard with its range of animals, reptiles and birds including poultry, the Grand Parade and entertaining main arena attractions on Saturday afternoon, and throughout the two days, 200+ interesting trade exhibits and the biggest assortment of thrilling rides and sideshows from Mahons Amusements.  Go to or like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their amusements.

Membership for our exclusive Poverty Bay A&P Association is among the highest in New Zealand and is still on the rise. We have over 1100 families currently subscribing for the opportunity to experience, support and participate in one of the most enjoyable social and entertaining events of the year – the annual A&P Spring Show. Members also receive a multitude of other benefits, including the exclusive reserved ringside parking for its members. 

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